Winning Chess Puzzles For Kids Volume 2

updated February 2016

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page 15, Queen Forks 34-5
The piece on c8 should be a black king.

page 16, Switcheroo 0
One of the intended solutions, Ne5-Kg8, is not mate.
To correct, place a black pawn on c5 instead of c6.

page 33, Mate in One 44-7
The black rook on c6 should be on c8.

page 36, Goof 22-1
The solution should say "White has all 8 pawns."

page 45, Switcheroo 23-1
The intended solution Nd2-Kg8 is not mate.
To correct, place the black knight on c6 instead of b8.

page 45, Switcheroo 23-2
The intended solution Qe7-Ng5 is not mate.
To correct, place a black queen on d5 and black pawn on e7. The solution then is e7-Ng5.

page 87, Switcheroo 26-6
The intended solution Ne5-Kg8 is not mate.
To correct, place a black knight on f8 instead of a rook.

page 134, Switcheroo 30-1
The solution is Rd1-Ke8 (not Bf8-Rh8 as given).

page 171, Lily's Puzzlers
The solution for part A should be 61 squares.
Qb2 Qb6 Qe4 Qf5

page 189, Pawn Maze 5A
There is a N path in 13 moves. The short cut is d7-d8=N-f7-g5-f2-g4-h2-f1-d2-b1-a3-b5xa7

The following puzzles have alternate solutions:

page 31, Switcheroo 22-6
Kb8-Bg4, Ra5-Kg1, Ra5-f2, Ra5-h2, Ra5-Ng3, Ra5-Be3.
To correct, place the black knight on d8 instead of e7.
page 32, Disco Check 35-6
1.Nc8+, 1.Ne8+, and 1.Nb5+ all win.
To correct, put the black a-pawn on a6.
page 87, Switcheroo 26-9
Qg6-Kg8 or a2-Nf7, or any white pawn with Nf7.
To correct, place a white rook on d1 instead of e8.
page 117, Mate in One 57-2
1.Qg6# or 1.Ne7#
To correct, add a black knight on c6.
page 134, Switcheroo 30-2
Rd1-Rh8 or Rd1-Ke8
To correct, place the white king on a2.
page 169, Switcheroo 33-3
Be3-Kh7 or Rb1-Qb1 or Rb1-Be3
To correct, put a white rook on a1 instead of b3.
page 200, Switcheroo 36-1
c7-Kg7 or Kc1-Kg7
To correct, place a black queen on f8 and black rook on e8.
page 205, Retro 24-2
2.c5xd6 e.p.+ Kc6xd6 or 2.e5xd6 e.p.+ Ke6xd6
To correct, add a white rook on a5, and place a white knight on g7 instead of d3.
page 248, Checkology 20-8
1.Qg7+ or 1.Ne6
To correct, put a black rook on d7 instead of d8.

The revised versions of all switcheroos in this list are available in a pdf file.

Updated February 2016.