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Winning Chess Strategy For Kids
is a fun and comprehensive chess course written for children 7 to 13 years old. Full of original material and entertaining artwork, it’s a perfect guide for learning the royal game. Parents and teachers are sure to like it too.

  The book begins on square one: covering the rules, basic mates, and elementary tactics. It then leads the student through a whole range of advanced strategies, including piece development, pawn structure, and attacking the castled king.

  Opening principles, middlegame plans, and endgame techniques are all explained in clear and simple language. Separate sections throughout the book are devoted to combinations and terminology.

  Whether kids are learning chess for recreation or are interested in playing competitively, Winning Chess Strategy For Kids will help them understand the game better and enjoy it more.

From the author’s notes:
  This book is written for kids, but teachers should find it a useful resource. Taken together, the lessons provide a comprehensive course. No prior chess knowledge is assumed.

  The material is basic though not necessarily simple. It covers all the concepts and techniques that a student needs to develop into a strong player. The division of strategy into three parts is derived from works by American grandmaster Reuben Fine.

  Most of the examples and exercises are original. Approximately half the lessons appeared previously as articles in Scholar’s Mate magazine. They were revised and expanded for this volume.
  The book as a whole is intended for serious players who are willing to put some effort into their chess studies. The material is given in a specific order intended for them. Teachers who use the book for classroom instruction may skip some lessons, depending on the level of their students. But generally, the vocabulary and strategic concepts are presented in a logical progression throughout the book.

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