October 2018
The Puzzling Side of Chess is on a temporary break while the next Winning Chess For Kids book is being completed. All 173 previous columns are available in the archives. Scholar's Mate magazine continues to be published four times per year.

February 2016
After eight months in the void, The Puzzling Side of Chess is back in orbit. The weekly column is now available on this website, along with archives of past material. New puzzles are posted every Saturday. Free and fun!

January 2015
New editions of Winning Strategy, Winning Exercises, and Winning Puzzles were published in 2014. Updates to errata were also made. Several new books are in the works.

November 2012
Winning Chess Strategy For Kids. The 6th edition of the "green book" was released this month. Still a best seller after twelve years.

November 2012
Adrian Storisteanu kindly wrote a program last month for verifying switcheroos. All the positions in both volumes of Winning Chess Puzzles For Kids were checked and several alternate solutions were discovered. The errata for those books have been updated. Future editions will have revised versions of the puzzles.

June 2012
Beginning this month will have a new column by Jeff Coakley. The Puzzling Side Of Chess, featuring a wide range of unusual problems and puzzles, will be posted three times per month. Check it out!

September 2011
Winning Chess Exercises For Kids. The 3rd edition of the "blue book" is now available. Several new drawings and an index were added, as well as a few minor revisions. 248 pages with a sewn binding.

September 2010
Winning Chess Puzzles For Kids.
The 2nd edition of Volume 1 (the "red book") was printed in September 2010 with a few minor revisions and a deluxe sewn binding.

July 2010
Winning Chess Puzzles For Kids, Volume 2
was published in July 2010. The "orange book" is an identical twin to the first volume, with all new material. It contains a thousand standard chess problems (mates and tactics) as well as a hundred pages of fun, challenging, and unusual chess-related puzzles. 308 pages.

February 2009
Winning Chess Strategy For Kids.
The 5th edition was printed in February 2009 with minor revisions, a few additions, and several new drawings. The best selling Canadian chess book ever.