How do I purchase fonts from this site?

Navigate to the Fonts area, and choose the font(s) of interest to you. Once you’re on the font’s page, scroll down to the bottom and click the red Buy Font Name button. The Canada Type EULA will appear. Once you click on the I Agree button, you will be taken to the area where you can choose the type of license you want. From there, click on Add to cart and you’re on your way.

You must have an account on the Canada Type site in order to complete the transaction. If you don’t have an account, you will prompted to create one during checkout.

I bought Canada Type fonts. Where did they go?

Once your order is complete, the site will show you a link to download the font(s) you ordered. Alternately, you can go to the Orders section of your account area and download them from there.

If you ordered a single OTF font, a single .otf file will be downloaded to any folder of your choosing, or to the folder designated by your browser as the default download one. If you ordered web fonts, or a combination of different fonts, the file downloaded will be a zip archive, its name beginning with canada-type.

I bought Canada Type fonts. How do I install them on my computer?

To install a font on Windows, simply right-click on the OTF font file and select Install from the contextual menu that appears. Alternately, you can drag and drop the font file to the Fonts Manager (Control Panel > Fonts). Please make sure that any zip archives containing the fonts are unzipped before attempting to install a font. Some versions of Windows allow you to peek inside a zipped archive, but you cannot install a font from within one.

To install a font on a Mac, double-click on the font file and Font Book will open a preview of a font. Click Install Font at the bottom of the Font Book preview.

Where do I download the fonts I ordered some time ago?

All the fonts your previously ordered are available to download from the Orders section of your account.

How do I delete my account on the Canada Type site?

To delete your Canada Type account, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Account.
  • Click on Edit Account in the left navigation bar.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Remove account.

Please be aware that your account and all information associated with it, including order history and invoices, will be irreversibly erased, and any fonts you may have ordered while your account was active will no longer be available to download from the Canada Type website.

Which font formats are available?

OpenType (OTF)

For desktop, print, app and electronic embedding use, all our fonts come in the OpenType (OTF) format. OpenType fonts are a universal standard, work on both Windows and Mac, and offer vast possibilities for fine typography with special features that can be embedded in them.


For web use all our fonts come in the four standard formats: WOFF, WOFF2, TTF and EOT.

If you need a legacy format (like SVG, PFA or PostScript Type 1) please email us with your order info, and we’d be happy to provide it to you.

Which OpenType features are in the font I want to license?

The OpenType features available in each font can be found on the font’s page. For example if you want to see which features are available in the Semplicita Pro font, go to its page here. Scroll down and click on the small OT square in the Fontsampler area, and all the OpenType features included in the font will be listed there. In fact you can test those features right there in the Fontsampler.

Which languages are supported in the font I want to license?

Pretty much every Canada Type font includes support for the vast majority of Latin languages. Quite a few also contain support for Greek and Cyrillic. To find out if a font contains support for Cyrillic or Greek or any other non-Latin script, you can use the Search box on the Fonts page. For example, type Cyrillic and hit enter. All the fonts that include support for Cyrillic will appear in the font grid.

How do I license a font for something other than the four standard licenses you offer on this site?

The four licenses (Desktop & Print, Web, App and ePub) available for purchase on our site are the most common ones. If you need to license any of our fonts for any use not governed by our EULA (for example broadcast, HTML5 banner ads, desktop application embedding…), please get in touch here with the details, and we’ll be happy to help you from there.

How do I get a Desktop & Print license for more than 1000 users?

We’ve included complex, tiered multi-user tables in our site software, but we capped them at 1000 users for Desktop & Print licensing. This is because we offer varying discounts once the number of users reaches above 1000. Please get in touch here if you have further questions and/or if you would like to obtain a license for more than 1000 users.

How do I add a license assignee to my order?

In the Payment Details section of the checkout process, you will see an input box entitled Order notes. If you are purchasing the license for someone else (your client, for example), you can enter a note about assigning the license of the font you are ordering to another entity. For example, you can enter: This license is being purchased on behalf of Company X. We will update our records accordingly when we receive the note with your order.

I saw your font available for licensing at another site. Should I license it from here or there?

Like many independent font publishers out there, we use some popular web sales channels to distribute many of our fonts. However, sometimes it takes a while for a font to make it to those channels after it’s first published on the Canada Type site. This also applies to updated fonts (updates can include additional language support, redrawn outlines, new styles, more OpenType features, or other improvements). By licensing directly through us, you are always guaranteed to have the latest and greatest version of our fonts.

When you license our fonts directly through us, you also save us the cost of distributor fees and commissions, thus ensuring that our font developers are receiving fair and proportionate compensation for their efforts, which maintains their incentive to keep doing the cool work they do.