ven though there have been plenty of Arabic fonts produced by Canada Type on a bespoke basis, Anaqa is the first to be made publicly available. It was made in collaboration with Kourosh Beigpour, the prolific and very talented Los Angeles-based designer.

The initial objective of this font was to simply build an Arabic companion to the very popular Semplicita Pro family, our modern take on geometric type tempered with a calligraphic vision by Nebiolo, the 20th century inter-war Italian metal foundry. The anticipation was that this kind of brief would be naturally helped by the calligraphic nature of the Arabic script in general, even though Arabic sans serif faces are a relatively recent phenomenon.

Somewhere along the development of the typeface, it became apparent that the resulting 5-weight family could be an efficient companion to many other typefaces — any humanist sans serif really (like Gibson, Informa Pro or Davis Sans in our own library, or the countless takes on Frutiger available elsewhere). So we decided to issue it as a stand-alone family that can be paired with a user’s favourite Latin sans, rather than restrict it to a one-way Semplicita Pro partnership.

The name of this face, Anaqa, means sophistication and/or fashionability in Arabic. Anaqa comes in five weights ranging from Light to Bold. A variable font, Anaqa VF, is included with the full family license.

اكتب بعض النص هنا...

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