agatelle is the simple manifestation of an alphabet constructed with basic line-and-circle geometry then taken to its aesthetic and technological extremes. Its idea is rooted in decades-old designer debates about the merits of drawing letterforms with a ruler and a compass, overall transformational subtleties in typography, and the limits of adaptive morphing in current technologies. The alphabet takes its skeletal cue from a logo mark designed by Fabio Nicoli in 1974 for Supertramp’s breakthrough album Crime of the Century, which was playing on repeat during the design and engineering process.

The development of Bagatelle (named after the forefather of so many ball-and-stick table games) was an ideal interpolative playground. The design movement control works along two axes — a sticks axis changing the weight of the lines and a balls one changing the weight of the circles. The final product is a six-font family ranging in weight from Thin to Heavy, along with a variable font that allows for easily controlled precision within those weights.

Pan-European language support (Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, with more than 1500 glyphs per font) is included, along with plenty of OpenType features, from ligatures of the standard and discretionary varieties all the way to a plethora of stylistic variants (alternates, swashes, unicase forms and so on). For a pleasant dip into the versatility of this multi-faceted typeface and a showcase of its many stylistic variants and typographic features, take a look at this PDF document.

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