hikita greets you with big, happy eyes, and all the energy in the world. She wants to skip the talking and get to the dance floor, where she owns the beat and sways like a tongue of fire. She doesn’t settle for anything less than everyone in the room fixating on her, and every pair of eyes is indeed happy to oblige. Being both the noumenon and phenomenon of the party, she remains in your mind long after closing time. And you just know the next time you see her your heart will skip a beat and a welcome wave of contentedness will wash over you.

The Chikita design is rooted in the work of 1930s Dutch lettering artist Martin Meijer, whose little-known work concerned itself with the beauty of letters mostly as individual forms, rather than part of a flowing alphabet. Chikita was re-conceptualized to strike a great balance between singular and flowing beauties, resulting in a cheerful and very memorable expression.

Chikita comes with over 600 glyphs, includes plenty of alternates and ligatures, swirls and swashes, and supports the majority of Latin languages.

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