Dutch Mediaeval


Dutch Mediaeval


his is the thoroughly expanded version of what is arguably the most classic and popular of all historic Dutch faces: Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos’s Hollandse Mediaeval from 1912. Over the decades, many pressmen and typography connoisseurs have gushed loving prose about this typeface.

An extended family of two weights, with corresponding italics and built-in small caps, four condensed fonts, four book fonts, a set of lovely initials and some very Dutch ornaments, Dutch Mediaeval is a versatile workhorse that flows comfortably and artistically, with the elegance of the main weights nicely complemented by the sturdiness of the bolds. Very few text faces are this clean and inviting while at once being very crafty.

The Dutch Mediaeval family comes with quite a few OpenType features and extended Latin language support.

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