Fantini Pro


Fantini Pro


antini Pro is the revival and elaborate update of a typeface called Fantan, made in-house and released in 1970 by a small Chicago film type outfit called Custom Headings International. In the most excellent tradition of seriously-planned American film faces back then, CHI released a full complement of swashes and alternates to the curly art nouveau letters. Fantan didn’t fare much among the type scene’s big players back then, but it did spread like electricity among the smaller ones, the mom-and-pop typesetting shops. But by the late 1980s, when film type was giving up the ghost, most smaller players in the industry were gone, in some cases along with little original libraries that existed nowhere else and became instant rarities on their way to be forgotten and almost impossible to resurrect for future technologies.

This is a fun and curly font that bridges the softness and psychedelia of the 1960s with the flirtatious flare of the 1970s like no other face does. Elements of psychedelia and funk flare out and intermix crazily to create cool, swirly letters packed with a lot of joy and energy. This is the kind of American art nouveau face that made its comeback in the late 20th century and is now a standard visual in the branding drive of almost every consumer product, from coffee labels to book and music covers to your favourite thirst cruncher sugar fix.

Included in the font are small caps, an almost complete alternate set, a treasure trove of swash alternates and variations on plenty of forms, and support for most Latin languages.

In order to make Fantini Pro a reality, Canada Type received original 2″ film specimen from Robert Donona, a Clevelander whose enthusiasm about American film type still hasn’t faltered, decades after the technology itself became obsolete.

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