onah is a digitization of the early 1970s Urban film face from Franklin Photolettering. Though there seemingly is no record left of who the original designer of the font was, it strongly exhibits the unmistakable touch of the late 1960s works of a few popular American designers from that era, like Wes Wilson and Victor Moscoco.

Jonah is one of the most popular offerings among our psychedelic/nouveau fonts. It comes in two styles that can be overlaid for multi-colour or chromatic settings. The solid Jonah Black offers organic psychedelia in spades, and the magnetic outline Jonah White offers oodles of snuggly peace and love. Each font comes with over 380 glyphs, support for the majority of Latin languages, and plenty of built-in stylistic alternates. These fonts are best used with Sunshine Superman or White Rabbit playing in the background.

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