Middleton Brush


Middleton Brush


y the early 60s, Robert Smith’s Brush Script face (American Type Founders, 1942) had become so ubiquitous in advertising and signage that every foundry out there had to release its own design to fill that particular aesthetic in their catalog. Ludlow’s Robert Hunter Middleton released Wave in 1962, and it became a refreshing hit. Middleton Brush is a retooling and expansion of that.

This font is a typical mid-century take on brush lettering, where rhythm is built up by sturdy strokes that thin out appropriately where counterspace needs it. It’s a very attractive and endearing alphabet that doesn’t mind a bit of letter-spacing here and here, unlike the face it was originally made to compete with.

Middleton Brush comes with over 420 glyphs, includes a bunch of alternates, and supports the majority of Latin languages.

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