ashra (an Arabic word meaning a bulletin, brochure or leaflet) is the Arabic companion to Vox, our popular Pan-European geometric sans serif family.

Transliterating Vox’s soft monolinear squareness to a connected right-to-left script with malleable vertical metrics proved quite effective under the expert guidance of Kourosh Beigpour. Nashra’s adoption of Vox’s DNA places it firmly at the crossroads of stoic constructivism and sympathetic rationalism. Even the wide variants of Vox are represented in its Arabic incarnation. Keshidahs of different widths are included in the Nashra fonts.

Nashra comes in five weights, ranging from Light to Bold. Five different stylistic sets and an abundance of ligatures are included in all fonts. A variable font, Nashra VF, is included with the complete family license.

اكتب بعض النص هنا...

From $30 USD