Steiner Special


Steiner Special


teiner Special is a revival and expansion of a 1974 art nouveau face called Swing, originally credited to Peter Steiner. This retooling toned the original design a bit for typographic consistency without taming its charm and sunny disposition.

This particular kind of art nouveau face is one that appeals very much to kids. Steiner Special can be used in mixed case or all-uppercase settings, and can maintain its enthusiasm and excitement through any bending, stretching, squeezing, warping or any filter your favourite design program has. Children book covers, candy and sugar fix packaging, fun headlines and posters for kids’ events are few of the possible uses of this font. If you’re designing anything for kids, give this font a try and you won’t regret it.

Steiner Special comes with over 500 glyphs and support for the majority of Latin languages. A full set of ligatures in included, as are a few stylistic alternates.

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